Calvin Loron is an R&B/Soul artist based in Oklahoma. Growing up listening to Jackson 5, The Temptations, James Brown and countless other soulful artists, these and producers, mentors and idols he was surrounded by from an early age has played a huge role in Calvin Loron's up and coming career. At the age of 16, Calvin Loron recorded his first single and has since gone on to perform on television on three occasions as well as having his material played on radio. Calvin's new EP 918 features songs that express emotions of the current times we live in. 

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Taken from his latest 918 EP, Right Now is the latest single for the prolific musician Calvin Loron. Brought up on a steady diet of soul including the likes of Jackson 5, James Brown, and The Temptations, Calvin Loron had a hefty pair of shoes to fill. It seems that he does just that, as at the age of sixteen he released his first single. Since then he's been on the TV at least three times and has acquired a place in the hearts of fans far beyond his local Oklahoma reach. 

The music begins with a rush of brass and drum. Saxophone and rhythm hits a catchy bass as Calvin Loron begins to sing. Repeating words and choral echoes push the phonics into groovy sensations. A real disco feel drives this song, smooth rhythms with stylish fills keep the energy in motion as funky composition circles and flutters around the flow of lyrics. - Alternative Fruit

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